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The history began on the western side of the Danube, called Buda, where still before Christ, some celtici were settled down on the Gallèrt.Successivamente mount, in the first century, their territories were occupied from the Roman whom in that age the own borders extended until the Danube.Their city

- Aquincum -

The Roman founded their city and the 89 army camp around to the zone of Obuda, the part of the city inhabited sin from the times of the preistoria the city of Aquincum name soon became center of the roman province of the Inferior Pannonia. Subsequently,around to the 900 the area was occupied from the Magiari, predecessori of odierni the Hungarians, that a century after founded the Reign of Hungary.

The ruins of the city are those more interesting with to those of the military amphitheater of Obuda, where today it can be taken a walk for the roads of the ancient center of the city, brought back to the light and partially restored. This last one grew slowly pian until becoming a city of shakes it inhabitants later on and also the center of the religion of Pannonia. The Roman constructed lastricate roads, amphitheaters and fortresses with bastions, whose ruins aumentono the fascination

of the Obuda today. The Danube was not considered a border from the Hungarians who settled down themselves here around to the IX/X century, but becomes the center of their country, before in the port, then in the plain and then on the side of the Danube that has become the city of Pest today that to the age one was considered great island encircled from the river. After the Tartar invasion of XIII the century, that he demonstrated that the defense in the plain was much difficult one,

the King Bleats IV ordered to fortify the city with walls of stone and made to construct its future city on the sure top of the mount of Buda. In this context the city of Buda has cohabited, with its palace and its bourgeois city and Pest, on the other side of the Danube, than subsequently it was destroyed from the Mongoli in the 1241 and then quickly reconstructed one. Buda, center of the real castle from 1247, divenne understood them of Hungary in 1361. In XVI the century the Turks conquered great part of Hungary, interrupting the development of the city.

In the 1526 Pest caddè in in hand of the invaders while Buda resisted others 15 years, then divenne center of the Turkish governor. Pest went in forfeiture until to reconquers of the Asburgo.


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